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Agri-pedia Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the holdings company for a specialised group of companies:


Food security for Africa

Food is Agriculture, Food is an Industry, Food is Technology, Food is an Economy, Food is Employment.


Closing the GAP

The GAP in awareness of Mental Wellness
The GAP in making Education attainable
The GAP to utilise Technology
The GAP to connecting with Agriculture Industry
The GAP in eliminating Poverty
The GAP to achieve Sustainability and making Abundancy reachable


Wellness is the result of understanding our experience of life in the moment.
The Agri-pedia approach towards community and farmer development is based on Mental Wellness, as the entry point of intervention.

Taking on the challenge

“We have more than enough food for the 7.6 billion people, but still 815 million people are not eating. This is not because of a failure of agriculture – it is a failure of the human heart.” Sadhguru