Johann Stassen

B.Sc. Agric

Managing Director

Johann is the founder and managing director of the Agri-pedia Holdings Group of Companies. He is an Agricultural Economist and commercial farmer with more than 30-years’ experience in the field of Agricultural Extension, training, and community development. He was the initial founder of the Umnga Farmers Group in 1988 and spearheaded the technology of the Agri-pedia platform as an internet-based information and E-learning system, used by the International Agricultural Academy for Africa’s students for agricultural studies and technology application.

Hans Heinze

B. Mil, US,
Brig Gen (Ret.)

Managing Director

Hans is an experienced retired military leader with a strong and proven track record in leadership development, skills and learnership training, strategic planning, project management and logistic support. In 2011 Hans founded Garcias for Africa, an Agri-pedia Group affiliated company that is specialising in the facilitation of practical leadership and Mental Wellness Programmes. The Mental Wellness Programme is an integral part of all projects and qualifications offered to all students, farmers and communities by the International Agricultural Academy for Africa.

Francois Stassen

Pr. Sci. Nat, M.Sc. Project Management, B.SC. (Hons) Geohydrology, B.Sc. Geology

Project Management

Francois is a registered Professional Natural Scientist and is currently employed as a Geologist and Project Manager to oversee quality assurance and project management. Francois has been involved in various innovation and technology projects and was responsible for the Master Drilling Exploration Mobile App client’s requirements analysis. His Academic interests include university-industry collaboration within the geosciences of South Africa for which he wrote a masters dissertation.

Abraham van der Linde

B.Sc. Astrophysics, B.Sc. (Hons) Physics, B.Sc. (Hons) Information Science & Mathematics

ICT Engineer

Abraham started his professional career at Agri-pedia (Pty) Ltd and developed all the digital infrastructure and systems used by the Agri-pedia platform. He also assisted in the business model development for the Agri-pedia BIS and was part of the formulation of the Agri-pedia identity. Abraham is currently employed as the lead SDTM Statistical Programmer for IQVIA, where he and his team develops macros and standards to improve the Biostatistical process.

Hagen Binding

N. Dip. Med Tech (Clinical Pathology), N. Dip. Med Tech (Microbiology), N. Dip. Food Technology, NH. Dip. Food Technology, NH. Dip. Management Practice

General Education

Hagen is a qualified Medical Researcher and Food Technologist. Fourteen years ago, he founded the St Elly’s Advanced Education Centre, providing digital studies on primary and secondary education level. He has a passion for teaching, with a focus on assisting learners of all ages to obtain a National Matric Certificate. Constant research into new and better teaching and facilitation methods, takes up a great deal of his time.